Harnessing the talent, resources and passion around key issues in South Georgia, we celebrate the efforts of our Alumni-Mentor Teams to identify solutions in workforce development, community & regional capacity, and health & wellness across South Georgia.

South GeorgiaLEADS 2.0 (SGL 2.0) was a call to action for SGL alumni from our first five years of programming (2016-2021). Bringing together alumni to address real issues facing South Georgia in an action-oriented approach is a first of its kind for leadership development and alumni engagement in Georgia. One of SGL’s original objectives, this approach offers the opportunity to make an impact in the region in which we live, work, and call home.

SGL 2.0 represents a “capstone experience,” that is robust, ambitious, and nimble in its intent. Guided by the leadership development expertise of the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development at the University of Georgia and with regional support from Valdosta State University’s Center for South Georgia Regional Impact, South GeorgiaLEADS 2.0 is catalyst for change in the region.

The purpose of South GeorgiaLEADS 2.0 is to create action around South Georgia’s most pressing issues and challenges by:

  • Building on SGL’s values to establish robust, multi-faceted teams to address the regions greatest needs from among SGL alumni, Board members and key stakeholders;
  • Identifying dynamic and cross-functional solutions that link assets and resources holistically across South Georgia;
  • Utilizing strategic action plans and leveraging implementation partners to go beyond the program to make an impact where it is most needed; and
  • Committing to sustainability and advocacy on behalf of the region.

Brittany Bryant
Thomas County

Amy Carter
Lowndes County

Mary Crawford
Lowndes County

Mike Davis
Lowndes County

Josh Drew
Sumter County

Cicily Florence
Lee County

Jennifer Floyd
Ben Hill County

LaVenice Grace
Dougherty County

Jessica Griner
Ben Hill County

Kimberly Hobbs
Lowndes County

Brent James
Clinch County

Jennifer Jarvis
Thomas County

Rachel Jenson
Mitchell County

Tonya Jones
Dooly County

Anna Kinchen
Decatur County

Jodie Kretzer
Worth County

Adrian Martinez
Tift County

Shannon McGee
Lowndes County

Travis Moss
Thomas County

Chanel Randolph
Lowndes County

Dale Rickett
Colquitt County

Cheryl Vinson
Dougherty County

Jimmy Whaley
Sumter County

Donica Williams
Grady County

Brandon Winn
Calhoun County

Christy Wray
Mitchell County


Session #1 | DECATUR CO.
Kickoff Retreat
“Understanding Regional Leadership and South GeorgiaLEADS”

August 18 | 1 – 9 pm
August 19 | 8 am – 3 pm



Session #2 | BAKER CO. & GRADY CO.
Natural Resources and Leisure Recreation
“Leveraging Tradition & Opportunity as Core Values for Economic Opportunity in South Georgia”

September 20  | 9:30 am – 9 pm
September 21  | 8 am – 3 pm



Session #3 | LOWNDES CO.
People and Place in South Georgia
“Utilizing Emotional Awareness and Access to Create Hope & Rebuild Prosperity” 

October 13 | 8:30 am – 4 pm



Session #4 | THOMAS CO.
Regional Capacity Building

“Economic Development & Healthcare as Foundations for Growth”

November 9 | 8:30 am – 4 pm



Session #5 | SUMTER CO.
The Necessity of Difficult Conversations

“Why Workforce Development is About More than Jobs & Skilled Labor”

January 19 | 8:30 am – 4 pm



Session #6 | ATLANTA
Empowering Others Through Dialogue
“The Impact of Georgia’s Diversity on Economy & Policy Locally & Statewide”

February 15 | 8 am – 9 pm
February 16 | 8 am – 2 pm



Session #7 | COLQUITT CO.
What Happens Next?

“Expanding Leadership Tenacity through South GeorgiaLEADS”

March 23 | 1 – 9 pm







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